Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sesame Street Records

Two of my favorite Sesame Street records are The Count Counts (1975) and Sesame Street Songs (1974).

The Count Counts Tracks

Side One: (1)Introduction; (2)Ladybug's Picnic; (3)Counting Is Wonderful; (4)It's a Lovely Eleven Morning; (5)The "15" Commercial; (6)Ten Turtles; (7)The Count's Weather Report; (8)Martian Beauty; (9)Numerical Correspondence (Sing a Song of Numbers); (10)Candy Man; (11)It's Been a Long, Long Time; (12)The Alligator King; (13)Count It Higher

Side Two: (1)Counting is Wonderful; (2)Country Six (The Snail Song); (3)Numbers in the News; (4)1-2-3-4-5!; (5)Beep; (6)Four Big Lions; (7)I Just Adore "4"; (8)The "3" Song; (9)Subtraction Blues; (10)Doll House; (11)The Song of the Count

Sesame Street Songs Tracks

Side One: (1)Roosevelt Franklin Counts; (2)Goin' For a Ride; (3)A Face; (4)Everybody Wash; (5)I Love Trash

Side Two: (1)My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean/Good Morning to You/Froggie Went A Courtin'; (2)Clap Your Hands/Pesky Sarpent/The World Turned Upside Down/Hush Little Baby; (3)John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt/Michael Finnegan/My Uncle Roasted a Kangaroo/Fiddle Dee Dee/Eensie Weensie Spider/Hokey Pokey

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