Monday, November 3, 2008

The Jeffersons

The Jeffersons ran from 1975-1985.

The show focused around George and Louise Jefferson and their son, Lionel, who moved from a working class section of Queens into a luxury apartment in Manhattan. George had long ago begun his career as a dry-cleaner and operated seven stores in ghetto sections of New York City. Other notable characters included:
  • Florence Johnston, their backtalking, wisecracking housekeeper. She often teased George, mostly about his short stature and receding hairline.
  • Tom and Helen Willis, an interracial couple. Tom and Helen Willis had two children, Allan and Jenny, who George insultingly called "zebras." Jenny and Lionel were married on Christmas Eve, 1976, but then divorced in the winter of 1985, due to marriage problems and disagreements regarding their daughter.
  • Harry Bentley, a loyal, kind, friendly British next-door neighbor, who worked as a Russian language interpreter at the United Nations. A common sight-gag of the show was George slamming the door in Bentley's face mid-conversation. Bentley also had a bad back, and frequently enlisted George to walk on his back, since he was the same weight as a Japanese woman who had treated his back in that manner. He also became known for addressing the Jeffersons as "Mr. J" and "Mrs. J".
  • Mother Jefferson, who constantly put Louise down as not being a good wife.
  • Ralph Hart, the doorman.

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