Saturday, December 27, 2008


227 ran from 1985-1990. Based on a play of the same name, this situation-comedy was set primarily around an apartment building (number 227) located in a racially-mixed neighborhood of Washington D. C.

Memorable characters include:
  • Mary Jenkins, played by Marla Gibbs - a mother of one, juggling the numerous responsibilities of household, family and personal life with invariably humorous results.
  • Lester Jenkins, played by Hal Williams - a father and small-time contractor struggling to stay on top of his own family and job responsibilities.
  • Brenda Jenkins, played by Regina King - Mary and Lester's daughter - a studious, talented, and mostly well behaved young woman just beginning adolescence.
  • Rose Hollaway, played by Alaina Reed- the landlady of building 227 who often sat with Mary on the front steps laughing and gossiping about various other residents.
  • Sandra Clark, played by Jackee - the building's resident vamp who's whining voice and wiggling, tight-dressed body became staple features of 227
  • Pearl Shay, played by Helen Martin - an older woman who often leaned out her front window to comment on Rose and Mary's discussions. Also the grandmother of young Calvin Dobbs, the love interest of Brenda Jenkins.

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  1. I liked the show but Marla never outdid her performance on “The Jefferson’s”. She was my favorite character. She was the funniest.

    I liked “The Jefferson’s” more than “All In The Family”. I thought Archie was scary and I did not find the social commentary always entertaining.

    I never did watch the one where Edith dies. I missed it the first time it ran and I refused to watch it when it reran. My mom died about the same time and I could not watch it.

    I did catch the very end once. Archie picks up her shoe and cries. I knew exactly how he felt.

    I was 9.