Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fashion Plates

Fashion Plates were released by Tomy in the early 1970s. Choosing from a large variety of indented plates that contained drawings of various fashion items – dresses, tops, pants – you would choose the combination that suited your tastes and assemble them into a base. By placing a piece of paper over the base, you could then glide a black crayon over it, which would create an image of your fashion statement. Then, by turning the paper over and selecting from a number of textures, you could take the set of colored pencils out and begin adding a splash of color to the designs. The process itself wasn’t all that time consuming – but it was somewhat addictive, given the seemingly endless number of choices you had at your disposal.


  1. It's got all those fashionable traits,
    And they call it Fashion Plates.

  2. I loved this toy too! My daughter just played with it for the first time at Grandma's house over Christmas. I had tried to find something similar at the toy store, but there didn't seem to be anything. Either that, or the clothing styles were way too trampy.

  3. OMG!! hahahahahah I had these when I was little!!
    Now I am going to school for fashion design!!!

    funny isn't it!

    I think when we are children we KNOW what is best for ourselves and our future. Somehow as we age, we seem to forget. Luckily some of us remember!

  4. I had this. I haven't thought about this in years. It was quite fun.

  5. I still have mine. It was one of my favorites growing up.