Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Family Ties

Family Ties ran from 1982-1989. It was based in Columbus, Ohio and explored the relationship between Steven (a public television station manager) and Elyse (an architect) Keaton and their three children, Alex, Mallory and Jennifer.

Steven and Elyse were two hippies with liberal viewpoints who had married during the 1960s. The young couple had hoped their children would adopt the same values.

Alex (who usually went by his full name, Alex P. Keaton), who had extremely conservative viewpoints, was an avid Reagan-devotee and card-carrying Young Republicans Club member who sauntered through the house in a shirt and tie.

Mallory was an underachiever and slacker and was more into shopping and cute guys.

Jennifer was the precocious youngster who just wanted to be a normal kid

Skippy Handleman, one of Alex's best friends, was a geeky next-door neighbor with an unrequited crush on Mallory.

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