Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fisher-Price Play Family Village

Play Family Village was released in 1973 by Fisher-Price. This 32-piece set consisted of two imaginary streets hinged to a removable bridge with traffic light. On one street was a firehouse with a dog, cot, siren, fireman, and a fire engine with extension ladder; dentist office with chair and black/white dentist; theatre with seats and stage; post office with mailbox, blue mailman, white truck and 6 coded letters to fit matching mail slots; and a rooftop restaurant with yellow chair and table with green umbrella. The other street had a police station with police car, blue policewoman, and a jail cell with bunks; barber shop with barber and chair; apartment with sofa and coffee table, sundeck chair with barbeque grill; and a garage with cranking car lift, gas pump, and a red driver. There was also a telephone booth.


  1. This was a top 3 toy from my childhood. I couldn't count the number of hours I played with this. Thanks for the memories!

  2. me too. was at my nans house and when she sold it (I was around 18) I cried... its so expensive to buy now :(