Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mr. Belvedere

Mr. Belvedere ran on ABC from 1985-1990. The premise of the program was that of a middle-class family in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, taking in an English butler after he emigrates to the United States.

The posh butler, Lynn Belvedere, struggled to adapt to the Owens household. The breadwinner, George (Bob Uecker), was a sportswriter. His wife Marsha (Ilene Graff) attended law school. The oldest son Kevin (Rob Stone) was a senior in high school, daughter Heather (Tracy Wells) was a freshman, and Wesley (Brice Beckham) was in elementary school. Over the course of the series, Marsha graduated from law school and started a career as a lawyer, Kevin left for college and got his own apartment, and Heather moved up in high school.

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  1. This show was one that I really did not think I would like, but it was actually not bad. One reason I expected to not like it was I thought that Bob Uecker would be a hack actor - but he wasn't that bad. Then he ends up being in the movie Major League (which came out near the end of the run for Mr. Belvedere) which I thought he was excellent in.