Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Brady Bunch

The Brady Bunch was a television sitcom based around a large blended family. The show originally aired from 1969-1974 on ABC.

Mike Brady, widowed architect with sons Greg, Peter and Bobby, married Carol Martin, whose daughters were Marcia, Jan and Cindy. The newly-formed juvenile sextet, parents Carol and Mike, Mike's live-in housekeeper Alice, and the boys' dog Tiger settled into a large, suburban home designed by Mike.
Episodes chronicled the family learning to adjust to its new circumstances and become a unit, as well as typical childhood problems such as dating, rivalries and family squabbles and the fact that their house had four bedrooms for two married adults, one housekeeper, and six children.

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  1. The Brady Bunch is my all time favorite tv show. When I was a kid (I'm 40 now), my life was a living hell. My parents had gotten a divorce, and my mother wnet psychotic on us kids. I turned to classic tv shows that aired every weekday mornings and afternoons as an escape. I watched alot of shows, but out of all of them, Brady Bunch was and still remains my all time favorite.