Wednesday, December 23, 2009

All in the Family

All in the Family was a sitcom that was originally broadcast on the CBS television network from 1971-1979.

The show's main characters included...

Archie Bunker, frequently called a "lovable bigot," an assertively prejudiced blue-collar worker;

Edith Bunker, Archie's wife, a sweet, understanding, if somewhat naive woman. She usually defers to her husband, but on the rare occasions when she takes a stand, she proves to be one of the wisest characters.

Gloria Bunker Stivic, the Bunkers' college-age daughter, married to Michael Stivic. Gloria frequently attempts to mediate Archie and Michael's arguments.

Michael Stivic, Gloria's Polish-American hippie husband who is part of the counterculture of the 1960s. He constantly spars with Archie and is in many ways as stubborn as Archie, even though his moral views are generally presented as being more ethical and his logic somewhat more sound than Archie's.

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