Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Biskitts

The Biskitts was a Saturday morning cartoon that ran from 1983-1984 and aired on CBS.

The Biskitts were a group of tiny anthropomorphic dogs who lived on Biskitt Island and were committed to guarding the crown jewels of Biskitt Castle. In the narration it was explained that due to their good reputation for responsibility and security, other kings had entrusted their treasures to be safeguarded by the Biskitts.

The villain of the series was the king's mean-spirited younger brother, King Max, who ruled the neighboring Lower Suburbia. Max constantly schemed to steal the jewels with the help of his hench-hounds Fang & Snarl and his jester Shecky (although Shecky was rather dimwitted and not always loyal to Max, as he even made friends with a Biskitt who shared his love of practical jokes). Biskitts were also in danger of being captured and eaten by a large wildcat named Scratch.

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  1. I loved this cartoon And just about cried since i hadn't remembered this little gem...those were the simpler times not like today's cartoon mess...