Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Brady Bunch: Keep On Movin'

Keep On Movin' is a 1973 song that was sung by the Brady kids from the popular television sitcom The Brady Bunch.

The episode is title "Amateur Nite". The kids appear on a television talent show to win $100 for Mike and Carol's anniversary gift. This was the result of Jan's misunderstanding the price for the engraving of a tray the kids had intended to give their parents (it was 85 cents per letter, not for the entire engraving).

Feel free to sing along... (I know you know the words!!)


  1. Good old Brady Bunch Smarm! I hadn't remembered the song until I watched the video... now I gotta see something else so I don't "Keep on, keep on keep on" humming this song all day long!

    And you gotta love the non-matching outfits (I guess I don't remember the episode well enough to know if that was part of the show...)

    Pretty good harmless fun, though! :) Maybe today's shows, like 24 or Miami Vice should try throwing in a song and dance number to liven things up a little.

    "Horatio and the Shades" - may be a great new group... :)

  2. i wasn't alive when this was fresh but....of course i watched the reruns and remember this song :)

    p.s. .. i do this blog. basically the same stuff you've got going on but it's mainly 1990s things.. check it out sometime if you're bored:)

  3. Loved it then and love it now!

  4. i had the great fortune to meet Barry Williams about 10 years ago! He was doing a book tour for the updated version of growing up brady...his autobiography. Me and a couple others got to be honorary Brady's and sing this song on stage with him!

    Got autographs and everything!!

  5. I really wanted Marcia's straight hair so soft and smooth looking and I had a crush on Peter.