Saturday, May 29, 2010

Barbie Styling Head

Barbie Styling Head was released in 1976. She started the trend when her oversized (child-sized, actually) head was recreated and made into a portable beauty center. The plastic head and neck ended at the top of the shoulders, which turned into a tray to hold all the styling implements. Barbie’s luscious blonde locks could be brushed, curled and styled thanks to the accompanying mini plastic curler (spring-loaded via a rubber band), and clipped into submission with a pink barrette. Her face gleefully awaited a sweep of pink blush, blue eyeshadow, or red lips from her handy pink compact.


  1. I never had this but my friend did. It seemed a little creepy to me.

  2. i got this for Christmas when i was 6. i loved it desperately and wish i still had it... her hair had copper threads in it so that the curling iron 'worked'.. wow!