Wednesday, June 9, 2010

70's Kinney Shoe Store Commercial

Here's a 70's commercial for Kinney Shoe Store...

(My first job was at Kinney's in East Hills Mall - Saint Joseph, MO!)

The great American shoe store!


  1. I remember there being a kinney's in Menlo Mall. There seemed to be alot of shoe stores there until they remodled the whole place in the early 90s. Too upscale now - I liked it the way it used to be even though it was a bit cheesy.

  2. Kinney's had the best shoes. I wore a pair of brown seude shoes with the GASS on the bottom. I called them my "school" shoes.

  3. Forgot this one! It's patterned on "The Music Man", how cool! I remember some shoes from Kinney's too ......