Friday, July 30, 2010

Baby Alive Doll

Baby Alive was a baby doll made by Hasbro that eats, drinks and wets. Its mouth moved and was supposed to be lifelike. It was originally made and introduced by Kenner in 1973.

1976 Baby Alive Commercial


  1. I used to have one of these!!

    Please don't ever stop adding to this site, or heaven forbid take it down. I LOVE this place!!!

  2. I can remember how I carried around the Sears Toy Catalog for weeks like it was The Bible, and every sales Ad with this doll on it trying to give my mother the hint that this was the doll I wanted for Christmas. And on Christmas morning I was just like an expectant mother when I unwrapped the box to find now only did I have a Baby Alive! She also looked like me too! My mom was lucky enough to have found me an African American Baby Alive all dressed in yellow and white. I was so happy!