Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1976 Kool Aid Commercial

Here is a 1976 commercial for Kool Aid. One of my favorite drinks when I was a kid -- remember how much sugar you had to dump in it?!?

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  1. "member how much sugar you had to dump in it?!?"

    I remember: 1 cup to make two quarts of kool aid

    This was back around the mid-late 1980s (I was born in 1969). My family was dirt poor, we couldnt afford soda or juices that often. So I used to go to the local grocery store to buy the little packets that made two quarts. Around the time one of those little packets cost around 25 cents each, if I recall correctly. Quite a bargain, 25 cents to make two quarts worth of a sweetened drink. (I always prefered the tropical fruit punch flavor. My second favorite flavor was lemonade. I really didnt care for the other flavors). And it always took one full cup of sugar (and two quarts of tap water), per the instructions. At the time I was COMPLETELY unaware of the health hazards of drinking up that much sugar.