Saturday, February 20, 2010

Schoolhouse Rock! The Great American Melting Pot

Schoolhouse Rock! is a series of animated musical educational short films that aired during Saturday morning children's programming on ABC. Topics covered include grammar, science, economics, history, mathematics, and politics. The best of the series aired between 1972 and 1986.

Here is The Great American Melting Pot from 1977!


  1. I watched Schoolhouse Rock every Saturday morning when I watched cartoons. My fav was Conjunction Junction (1973) Lolly,Lolly,Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here (1974) and I'm Just a Bill (1975). Those songs are still in my head after 37 years I find that increadable.

  2. I loved SchoolHouse Rock!I'm 38 now but i used to watch it every Saturday...Conjunction Juntion was my favorite!

  3. I put some of these on my daughters(8 and 10) Ipods. They thought they were great! They thought it was cool that they learned something from a cartoon! Ahhh Saturday morning cartoons.. pre-cable... were some great times!

  4. I love Schoolhouse Rock even to this day--but this one bothers me--not as much as "Elbow Room" does (because they don't talk about the people who they jammed their elbows into to help themselves to the land . . . )

    why yes, I AM a joy to have at a party. why do you ask?!