Tuesday, March 9, 2010

George of the Jungle

George of the Jungle was an animated television series that ran in 1967 on ABC. George is a dim-witted but big-hearted "ape man" who is called upon each episode to save inhabitants of the jungle from various threats.

In the opening title, George is depicted swinging on vines, repeatedly slamming face-first into trees or other obstacles even as theme-song singers warn him to "watch out for that tree!" Another running gag is that George keeps forgetting that he lives in a treehouse, falling to the ground every time he leaves home.

George's two most frequent foes are a pair of hunters named Tiger and Weevil. Tiger, the taller of the two, wears a pith helmet and khakis and has a pencil moustache; while Weevil wears a white t-shirt and shorts with a hat. George's "beloved mate" is Ursula, a Jane-like character far brighter than George. George's closest friend is an ape named Ape, who speaks with a cultured British accent and, like Ursula, is far more intelligent than George. George has a pet elephant named Shep, who behaves like a lap dog or, as George refers to him, a "great big peanut-lovin' poochie," and whom George thinks is a dog.

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  1. Ya know, I wondered why George had only one female companion when they show two in the title sequence, and then I figured out that George would end up with double vision after a conk on the head or something. It would explain the line "While Fella & Ursula stay in step!".

    I'm happy I found this site. Thanks.