Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Socks by Beverly Cleary

Socks is a children's novel written by Beverly Cleary, originally illustrated by Beatrice Darwin, and published in 1973.

The story is told from the perspective of a tabby cat with four white paws who lives with a young married couple, the Brickers. Initially, Socks and the Bricker couple are alone, and Socks receives a great deal of love and attention as a result. However, the Brickers soon have a child and Socks begins to feel as though he has been forgotten. In order to take care of the new baby, Socks receives less attention than he normally would, and even ends up living in the garage at one time when his behavior is misinterpreted. He has several misadventures in the course, culminating in a fight with another neighborhood cat. After this takes place, the Brickers realize they have been so wrapped up with the new baby that they have neglected Socks. Later on, Socks discovers that he has a new friend and a new way to be part of the family.

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